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There are many well known paid vpns that do a great job, but often users are looking for a free solution. Today we will be looking at a free vpn for linux called “VPNBook” from which is a service I often use. For my needs, VPNBook works great.

This project has been discontinued

I won’t be going into great detail about VPNBook since you can just visit their site for full details. What I will say is that during the time I’ve been using their service, their claims seem to be accurate. Their vpn speed is decent and I can unblock netflix and all other sites I’ve tried. They do keep logs for about a week, but only for security reasons to make sure their service is not being used for illegal activities like malicious hacking.

One drawback(not really) is that they change their vpn password every few days. This means you need to visit their site every few days for the new password before you can use their service. I however have created a simple GUI bash script that saves the password for you so that you only need to enter it every few days and makes using their vpn super easy. Download at the bottom of this page.


As you can see from the pictures at the top of this page, VPNBook GUI is simply a bash script gui to manage/control’s service. The gui makes it simple to use the vpn like any other vpn that has it’s own app.

VPNBook GUI Features

  • Makes it easy to use
  • No need to enter any commands in terminal
  • Switch country servers easily
  • Switch protocols easily (tcp or udp)
  • Servers online/offline status check
  • VPN on/off quick view from main menu
  • Server/protocol quick view from main menu
  • One click vpn toggle on/off
  • Option to add desktop shorcut for easy access



This has been tested on ubuntu & xubuntu. In theory it should work on most debian based linux distros. Do not move or rename any VPNBook GUI files or folders. This will cause VPNBook GUI not to work properly.

  1. Execute the vpn file as follows in terminal:
  2. If prompted to install OpenVPN client, say yes.
  3. Choose menu option 4 in main menu to pick server & protocol. You only need to do this once, unless you want to change server & protocol again.
  4. Optional – Choose menu option 6 to add a desktop shortcut for quick access. You can find the shortcut in your apps dash.

Example Usage

If you’re in a another country, but want to see USA NetFlix content. You can choose a US server and try udp protocols first and if udp does not work for you, then try tcp. The UDP protocol is theoretically faster which is good for streaming video while tcp is slightly slower, but more reliable. UDP 25000 works great for me.


Well there you have it, a free vpn for linux. I hope you enjoy using’s vpn service along with my GUI script. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you like’s service, consider giving a donation to help keep the service free. Just visit¬† to donate.

This project has been discontinued

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