If you need to unpack and repack boot.img, recovery.img, or loki images, then this is the tool for you. With mktool you don’t need to enter any commands. You simply place your image files in the input folder and choose from the menu options. It’s the perfect tool for modifying images quickly and easily. Mktool is very simple to use and can accommodate both beginners and advanced users. Continue reading “mktool”

Backup and Debloat Android No Root

If you’ve ever had a rooted android device you know the added benefit. You gain total control over you’re device. The freedom to remove carrier bloatware or make a number of modifications to your hearts content. Unfortunately if you’re here reading this, it’s likely because there is no root for your device. We all know that for non rooted devices your options are very limited. So we will be taking a look at a tool I made called Backup and Debloat Android No Root to give you some control back over your device.  (Download at the bottom of this page) Continue reading “Backup and Debloat Android No Root”

MKV to MP4


I’ve created a simple bash script to convert mkv to mp4 container quickly. The script will allow you to batch convert multiple mkv files or convert one at a time depending on your needs. You can also append a subtitle srt file to your mp4 with this this script. Continue reading “MKV to MP4”