Freedom Kernel for the Zmax Pro

The Freedom Kernel for the Zmax Pro Z981 has been a lot of fun to work on. I’d like to thank @armando from Android Forums for his great work on the LineageOS 14.1 rom for which I made the Freedom custom kernel for. I set out to add value not only to the Lineage rom, but also to the user experience and I can confidently say mission accomplished. So without further ado, please enjoy. Many Thanks.

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How To Reduce Apk Size

How to reduce apk size? A question often asked by new app developers when trying to figure out how to best optimize their app. As an app developer you should always optimize your app wherever you can to give your user base the best possible experience with your app. By well optimizing your app you’ll give your users a smooth experience throughout your apps’ UI along with a smaller foot print. Continue reading “How To Reduce Apk Size”

How To Get Android Mounts and Partition Images

In this guide I will be showing you how to get the android mounts and partition images. There could be many reasons for needing the android mounts and partition images. A couple reasons that come to mind could be to make backups of your partitions in case you need to fix your phone from a bad flash later on. Or you might want to customize a boot.img or system.img to add in some custom features. Whatever your reason, just follow the guide and you’ll be pulling those partitions in no time. Continue reading “How To Get Android Mounts and Partition Images”

Arc Dark Theme For Gedit

If you like the dark version of the Arc Theme for your desktop environment and would like the theme for your text editor, then look no further. Here I have the Arc Dark Theme for Gedit. The arc dark theme will work with gedit and pluma or most other text editors that support themes. The download link can be found below with simple installation instructions. Continue reading “Arc Dark Theme For Gedit”

APK Utility

If you’ve been looking for an easy to use tool for decompiling and compiling apk and jar files then look no further. APK Utility is as easy to use as it gets. The utility also has the ability to tag frameworks. This feature is very useful when you need to install frameworks for multiple different devices without having to remove one for the other. If you’re familiar with apktool which this tool uses then you’ll know what I’m referring to. Continue reading “APK Utility”